Become a Jedi Copy Master

Van Vizovisek
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Broke college kid starts writing for one of the biggest supplement companies in the industry.

This is for everybody who hates waking up to an alarm clock, commute, regular 9-5, and wants true financial freedom.


Dear Reader,

If you would like to know how to print money on demand, then this letter is going to be the most valuable piece of information you ever read.

On this sales page, I'll show you how I went from a broke college student to writing copy for health companies.

Inside the course, I'll explain in detail every copywriting principle you need to become better at writing copy, even if your school teacher said your writing sucks.

Writing copy that moves your readers. Make them STOP whatever they’re doing and grab their credit card and give you their hard-cold-cash.

Once you learn how to write - no matter what online (or offline) business you approach - your chances of success skyrocket.

Let me tell you a story

This is how I found copywriting.

This was the start of the slow and steady struggle.

I bought a few copywriting books until I realized they’re ALL THE SAME. Nothing extra valuable to learn from.

How can I gather better information about copy, sales and persuasion?

I started saving money for very pricey courses - as an 18yo $400 investment was huge.

I all the parties. I was to the desk, studying the art of copywriting. At home, I’d say I’m studying for school (although my grades weren’t showing that lol).

I wanted to understand everything about copywriting. I was dedicated.

But soon, just stuffing my brain with information wasn’t enough. I needed to start writing copy myself.

But still, whenever I started writing copy I’d open a fresh google doc… I was clueless about how to even start writing a single email, a single sales page,... It was a nightmare.

I’d take long walks to get inspiration. It didn’t work.

I’d come back every day. My head was still empty.

I started getting voices inside my head:

“How can I be a copywriter, I can’t even start a sales page”

I almost gave up.

But there was something telling me I should persist. Keep going. It’s going to be worth it.

Today I’m working with clients from around the world, making money for pressing buttons on my keyboard.

English is not my first language, yet I write all my copy in English. I’m still a full-time student & I still manage to do all the work (and I still have the time to hang out with friends & watch Netflix).

Yet I still get paid every month for my 2 hours per day of writing copy.

My goal is to teach you exactly how you can go from a newbie to a copywriter who writes copy that’s impossible to ignore and generates cash.

The same methods were used by the late and great Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham, Eugene Schwartz, David Ogilvy, and others to write sales letters that generated millions of dollars worth of sales.

I’m again telling you that with this skill you can print money on demand.

However, there is a lot of misleading information on the internet regarding copywriting such as writing copy for non-existent products or services, reading multiple books, etc.

While these don’t hurt, they can do more damage than good.

I took everything I found online, inside expensive courses, talking to copywriting pros, and decided to pack everything inside this course.

Let me introduce Become a Jedi Copy Master Course.

Inside you'll find:

✔️ How to do market research on steroids: I’ll show you can conduct market research for any audience in any niche in under 9 minutes. This means finding their inner & unspoken desires and pains - the golden nugget when it comes to writing copy. You’ll know what makes them tick.

✔️ An easy way to write killer copy for the niche you have 0 interest in: I had to write copy for the most brutal niches. I still wrote a masterpiece and inside I’ll show you how I did it.

✔️ EXPLAINED-IN-DETAIL: A-list copywriter Eugene Schwartz’s concept 90% of copywriters aren’t aware of.

✔️ What are markets & submarkets and which niche to choose to almost guarantee success. Most rookie copywriters fail because they choose a niche where copywriting can’t be applied.

✔️ How to make market research do itself: Using a very popular website that is free to use and where you can find any niche you image. It takes less than 3 minutes to do.

✔️ How I let others do the research for me: An easy task you can do to avoid studying and understanding complex processes. This will blow the minds of copywriters who write for the health niche.

✔️ A way to turn boring features into benefits your reader can't resist: Yes features over benefits. Everybody is yapping about that. But how can you turn the boring features into desirable benefits - this is what they don’t tell you. Either because they don’t want you to know or they don’t understand it themselves.

✔️ Principle Palpatine way to use emotions to your advantage: The same “dark” way I used to sell digital products, weight-loss products, and make my friends do things they would normally never have.

✔️ See-in-action example of how to nail an advanced copywriting principle even if you’re a complete noob: Make skeleton dance is going to become a piece of cake once you see how it’s really done.

✔️ An intro into human nature and how you can use it to corner your reader to buy your products: The darkest secrets of human nature - usually unspoken - revealed inside.

✔️ An easy tweak you can make to your copy, to make your readers glued to your copy: This really is just a tweak that won’t take longer than 5mins.

✔️ The step-by-step system to assemble the perfect copy: It doesn’t matter what type of copy you write - funnel copy, sales page, product page, emails… it will work for any format (inside DR marketing).

✔️ Nowhere to be found headlines from one of the greatest copywriters Jay Abraham that brought millions in revenue. Straight from my headline swipe file, I use it for my copywriting clients to beat their current controls.

✔️ Headline templates (fill in the blank) that work for 99% of the niches.

✔️ My PUSH-PULL method to turn even the biggest haters of the product into raving fans.

✔️ [Step-by-step] How to easily handle any objection with your copy.

✔️ A weird method to combat writer's block: You will forget what it's like to not know what to write about.

BONUS I: A special training program for everybody who wants to go from a complete newb to a paid copywriter.

BONUS II: A very important mindset switch you need to make in order to succeed at copywriting and sales. Without this, you can say good-bye to your copywriting career.

BONUS III: How to create a swipe file (2 ways)

BONUS IV: How to get in the mood to write killer copy (it never fails)

BONUS V: 8 most important human-nature-based Life Forces that you can use to persuade readers, friends, and family (from the Cashvertising book)

BONUS VI: Resource database - a filtered list with great copywriting info.

Who needs this course?

  • The upcoming copywriters who struggle to weed out valuable information from the internet.

  • Everybody who is starting an online business - especially Ecom, YouTube or Affiliate marketing, and Email list owners.

  • People who want to make more money with affiliate marketing without changing anything but their copy.

  • Are you a business owner and your copy just doesn’t convert? Give your writers this course.

  • Do you want to manipulate your friends to do things that directly benefit you? With the sales principles, you can do just that.

  • You’re a freelancer who wants to persuade people to work with you, even if you don’t have the experience, portfolio, or CV.

  • You're a cold email agency owner and want to generate better results for your clients. 

  • Or you’re just someone who wants to live a life on easy mode.


I DO NOT offer a money-back guarantee. I’m a simple guy. I like to avoid headaches.

People who totally by mistake, enter their credit card info, and click buy now and now want a refund. This causes headaches to me.

If you’re someone who likes to do refunds - I don’t want you as a customer. Go back to where you came from.

Let me expand on that: I do not offer money-back-guarantee solely because info inside made me well over 5 figures. If you can’t use the info in a way to benefit you, then the problem is on your end.

Here is what people are saying:


In what format is the course given?

It’s in pdf format. It’s not fancy. I focus on delivering value & not beauty.

Will this work for affiliate marketing?

Yes, I used these tactics to sell affiliate products on my email list, on my Twitter feed, and also in the DMs.

Do you accept PayPal?


Do I guarantee you’ll achieve the same results as me?

No. In fact, most people won’t achieve any results at all. Because it takes some time and energy to put everything into action. If you’re willing to do that, I’m sure you can even surpass my results.

Do you offer refunds?

No. And if you’re asking this question, this means you haven’t read the whole sales page and I don’t want you as a customer anyway. I want people to take this as an investment in themselves, not just an impulse buy.

Are bonuses free of charge?

Yes. All the bonuses and new modules are free and yours to keep.

Do I get lifetime access?



If you're ready and are willing to learn the art of persuasion, sales, and writing. Click the "BUY THIS" button.

I'll see you inside.

This product is not currently for sale.

Currently Inside (more on the way)

BONUS I: Special training to become a great copywriter
BONUS II: Mindset switch that will help you succeed in any business
BONUS III: 2 Ways to create a powerful swipe file
BONUS IV: Get in the copy mood (ideas raining, no writer's block, punchy copy)
BONUS V: 8 most important human-nature-based Life Forces that you can use to persuade readers, friends, and family (from the Cashvertising book)
BONUS VI: Resource database - a filtered list with great copywriting info
BONUS VII: Step-by-step Push-pull method guide


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Become a Jedi Copy Master

28 ratings